-Open for first-come-first-serve use this year (No sign-ups. Yay!)

-Limited capacity: One family per table or easy-up

-Please limit your stay to 2 hours if it’s busy to allow for more families to enjoy the pool

-Wear masks when outside of the pool or away from your table or easy-up

-Keep social distance from others not in your family


  1. Members and their guests will sign in upon entry, and in doing so, will acknowledge a release of liabitility and understanding of the rules.
  2. Unsupervised children may be excluded from the water at the discretion of the lifeguards. Use of pool toys and flotation devices will be left to the sole discretion of the lifeguards.
  3. All guests and residents under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult while on the pool and clubhouse grounds. Adult residents are responsible for the behavior of children and guests under their supervision.
  4. Diving is only allowed from the side of the pool on which the diving platform used to be located (across from the deep end lifeguard chair.
  5. Swimmers under the age of 16 must get out of the pool during Adult Swim. Children under the age of 24 months may remain in the pool with an adult but must stay in the steps area.
  6. Glass is not allowed anywhere in the pool area. No pets.
  7. Food and drink are not allowed in the water. Please clean your area.
  8. No running or horseplay on the pool deck.
  9. Please do not move the temporary shade structures.

Lifeguards will request residents or guests to leave the facility for non-compliance of the pool rules. The pool and surrounding areas are used for the benefit of the Montevideo Community and its guests. Please be respectful of the lifeguards, grounds and other members and their guests so all can enjoy their stay.

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